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中国蕨 Aleuritopteris grevilleoides (Christ) G. M. Zhang ex X. C. Zhang


  • 科:凤尾蕨科    Pteridaceae
  • 属:粉背蕨属   Aleuritopteris
  • 种:中国蕨   Aleuritopteris grevilleoides


1. Aleuritopteris grevilleoides (Christ) G. M. Zhang ex X. C. Zhang, Lycophytes Ferns China. 231. 2012. 中国蕨 zhong guo jue Cheilanthes grevilleoides Christ, Notul. Syst. (Paris) 1: 51. 1909; Sinopteris grevilleoides (Christ) C. Christensen & Ching.Rhizomes erect, short; scales bicolorous, black with brown margins, lanceolate. Fronds clustered. Stipe 10-18 cm. Lamina brownish green adaxially when dry, pentagonal, as long as broad, 7-10 cm, almost equally tripartite, leathery, with white farina abaxially. Middle pinna largest, oblong-lanceolate, 6-9 × 3-4.5 cm, pinnatifid, base abruptly reduced, cuneate and decurrent, connected to lateral pinnae by a narrow wing, apex shortly acuminate; segments ca. 15 pairs, obliquely spreading, linear-lanceolate, medial segments larger than proximal and distal ones, 2-3 × 0.3-0.5 cm, margins entire or with few large teeth. Lateral pinnae deltoid, 3.5-6 cm, inequilateral, 2-pinnatifid; proximal basiscopic pinnules especially enlarged, 3-4.5 × 1-1.5 cm, pinnatifid, connected to costules by narrow wings. Veins free, pinnate, close together and prominently raised abaxially as rows of tiles on roof. Sori consisting of 1(or 2) large sporangium, sporangia with broad annulus. False indusia narrow, margins divided into deltoid large teeth, concealing sori.● Rock crevices along riverbanks or under shrubs; 1000-1800 m. N Sichuan (Qingchuan), W Yunnan (Binchuan, Dayao, Qiaojia).【引自:Flora of China】


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