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喜马拉雅红豆杉 Taxus wallichiana Zuccarini

目前为止,中国西南野生生物种质资源库共保藏该物种: 种子5份; DNA材料3份; DNA5份;

  • 科:红豆杉科    Taxaceae
  • 属:红豆杉属   Taxus
  • 种:喜马拉雅红豆杉   Taxus wallichiana


2. Taxus wallichiana Zuccarini, Abh. Math.-Phys. Cl. K?nigl. Bayer. Akad. Wiss. 3: 803. 1843. 喜马拉雅红豆杉 xu mi hong dou shan Trees or shrubs to 30 m tall; trunk to 1.3 m d.b.h.; bark variably colored, grayish brownish, reddish, or purplish, peeling off in strips or cracking and falling off as thin scales; winter bud scales early deciduous or some persistent at base of branchlets, triangular-ovate, with or without longitudinal ridges abaxially. Leafy branchlets ± flat in living state, 3-9 × 1.5-6 cm in outline. Leaves borne at (50-)60-90° to branchlet axis, subsessile or with petiole to 1 mm; blade dark green and glossy adaxially, paler abaxially, linear to lanceolate, gradually tapered distally, usually falcate, (0.9-)1.5-3.5(-4.7) cm × (1.5-)2-4(-5) mm, midvein slightly elevated adaxially, 0.1-0.2 mm wide, densely and evenly papillate abaxially, or with papillae scattered on midvein or in 1-several lateral rows adjacent to stomatal band, or midvein not papillate, stomatal bands pale yellowish, 0.6-0.9 mm wide, densely and evenly papillate, marginal bands 0.1-0.4 mm wide, base cuneate or attenuate, asymmetric, margin flat to revolute, apex gradually acuminate or abruptly tapered and indistinctly mucronate, mucro 0.1-0.5 mm. Pollen cones scattered along 2nd year branchlet axis, ± sessile or shortly pedunculate (peduncle ca. 0.5 mm), pale yellowish, ovoid, 5-6 × ca. 3 mm; bracts usually 6, broadly ovate, pale green; microsporophylls 8-14, each with (4 or)5 or 6(-8) pollen sacs. Seed-bearing structures borne toward distal end of branchlet axis. Aril red or orange when ripe, often ± translucent. Seed ovoid or obovoid, occasionally columnar-oblong, sometimes slightly flattened, 5-8 × 3.5-5 mm, usually with obtuse ridges (sometimes trigonous and 3-ridged); apex with small mucro; hilum elliptic to suborbicular or rounded-trigonous. Pollination Sep-Apr, seed maturity Aug-Dec.Broad-leaved, coniferous, and mixed forests, thickets, deforested rocks, open slopes; 100-3500 m. S Anhui, Fujian, S Gansu, N Guangdong, N Guangxi, Guizhou, W Henan, W Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, S Shaanxi, Sichuan, Taiwan, SE Xizang, Yunnan, Zhejiang [Bhutan, N India, ?Laos, Myanmar, Sikkim, Vietnam]Can be used within its native range for afforestation. The wood is an excellent building material, and is also used in making vehicles, agricultural implements, furniture, and stationery. A compound recently isolated from the leaves may prove promising as an antitumor agent.【引自:Flora of China】

乔木或大灌木;一年生枝绿色,干后呈淡褐黄色、金黄色或淡褐色,二、三年生枝淡褐色或红褐色;冬芽卵圆形,基部芽鳞的背部具脊,先端急尖。叶条形,较密地排列成彼此重叠的不规则两列,质地较厚,通常直,上下几等宽或上端微渐窄,先端有凸起的刺状尖头,基部两侧对称,边缘不反曲或反曲(干叶明显),上面光绿色,下面沿中脉带两侧各有一条淡黄色气孔带,中脉带与气孔带上均密生均匀细小角质乳头状突起点。种子生于红色肉质杯状的假种皮中,柱状矩圆形,上下等宽或上部较宽,微扁,长约6.5毫米,径4.5-5毫米, 上部两侧微有钝脊,顶端有凸起的钝尖,种脐椭圆形。 【引自:中国植物志】


采集编号 国家 区县 详情
SCSB-HN-1421 中国 湖南省 衡阳市 南岳区 详细
LiuJQ11XZ170 中国 西藏自治区 山南地区 错那县 详细
GeXJZS202001 中国 西藏自治区 林芝地区 察隅县 详细
081027 中国 西藏自治区 日喀则地区 吉隆县 详细
LiuJ16312 中国 西藏自治区 林芝地区 察隅县 详细
Zhyz-147 中国 云南省 保山市 腾冲县 详细
11CS2835 中国 云南省 迪庆藏族自治州 德钦县 详细
SCSB-B-000071 中国 云南省 大理白族自治州 洱源县 详细


采集编号 采集单位 项目 采集年份 重量(g) 详情
SCSB-HN-1421 湖南师范大学生命科学学院_刘克明 平台项目 2008 详细
GeXJZS202001 中国科学院华南植物园_葛学军 捐赠种子 2020 详细
LiuJ16312 中国科学院昆明植物研究所_刘杰 捐赠种子 2021 详细
Zhyz-147 高黎贡山保护区腾冲管理所_周应再 保护区合作 2007 详细
SCSB-B-000071 中国科学院昆明植物研究所_杨湘云 平台项目 2006 详细


序列号 采集编号 保藏类型 份数 保藏温度 提取方法 数据来源
6818 11CS2835 DNA 1 -80℃ 改良CTAB法 DNA库
12866 11CS2835 DNA 1 -80℃ 改良CTAB法 DNA库
20354 11CS2835 DNA 1 -80℃ 改良CTAB法 DNA库
26402 11CS2835 DNA 1 -80℃ 改良CTAB法 DNA库
32450 11CS2835 DNA 1 -80℃ 改良CTAB法 DNA库
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